Why It’s​ Okay to Have a Bad Day

I’m going to start by saying that not all of your days are going to be good days. 

I wish they were, both for you, and the rest of the population that has had a bad day. Bad days can suck. They can bring your mood down and they can sometimes feel like they are never going to end. 

But, having bad days doesn’t make you less of a person; they make you human. All of the negative emotions you may be feeling — sadness, stressfulness, hopelessness, frustration — are real and you shouldn’t brush them off just because society says people need to be positive and happy all the time. That would be impossible. Everyone has bad days.

The best thing you can do is to not criticize yourself for feeling down. Saying “I should be happy right now” or “there’s no reason for me to be feeling like this” can sometimes make you feel worse. You’re allowed to feel negative emotions. And you’re also allowed to feel them without having a concrete reason as to why you’re feeling that way.  You don’t need to explain your feelings, feeling them is enough. 

If you do feel the need to talk about something, it’s okay to be a bit of a “Debbie Downer” and voice all of your feelings. Acknowledging your emotions and voicing them out loud is better than bottling them up inside of yourself until everything becomes too much to handle. People might rush to your side and immediately try to make you feel better. And it’s great if what they do can make you feel better, but there’s also nothing wrong with not feeling any better after that person has done all they can to cheer you up. Sometimes those bad feelings stick around for a little while. 

There might also be people who dismiss the feelings you’re having and tell you to ”cheer up” or to “look on the bridge side”, and sometimes those sayings don’t help. But, it’s okay if you can’t do that for one reason or another. Maybe you just suffered a loss, or maybe you had a bad day at work, or maybe one thing after another piled up throughout the day and you deemed the day a total failure.

The most important thing about having a bad day is knowing that they will not last forever. Your bad day will end. And while it may not end immediately when you wake up the next morning, it will eventually. Just know that what you’re feeling is normal and you’re not any worse of a person for feeling the way you do. 

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