The Blogger Recognition Award

The other week, not too long after I was nominated for The Versatile Blogger award, the lovely Bushra from Bushra’s Lifestyle nominated me for the Blogger Recognition award! Go check her out if you haven’t already! She posts about fashion, interior decorating, DIY, and other personal experiences. Thanks so much for the nomination Bushra!



Thank the person who nominated you
Include a link to their blog in your post
Share how your blog was started
Give two pieces of advice for new bloggers
Nominate 15 bloggers of your choosing to keep spreading the love


The origin of This Halcyon Life

Back in 2016, I was trying to think of new hobbies that I would be interested in. I’ve always loved to write, and I wanted to somehow share my personal experiences with the world. I started this blog, originally, in April 2016 writing about whatever came to mind. After a few months, I wasn’t liking the direction my blog was going in. I abandoned my blog and didn’t come back to it until September 2017. At that point, I deleted all of my posts and wanted to start fresh. I wrote down some topics I wanted to write about– decor, minimalism, mental health, self-care… and I gave my page a makeover as well. Ultimately, I want to make this blog a positive place where I can write about topics that help myself and others live a better, more fulfilling life. Now, I’m a lot happier with where my blog is going!


Advice for new bloggers

Write for yourself. Always write about things that interest you and are things you would like to read yourself. The moment you start writing for your readers or writing things like other bloggers is when you might start to lose motivation. Find your passions, and your audience will grow!

Support other bloggers. If you like someone’s blog post or even a tweet of theirs, let them know! It might make their day, and it’s a great way to network with other bloggers!



  1. Brianna – Brianna Marie Lifestyle
  2. Sarah – Saloca in Wonderland
  3. Little Welsh Kitchen
  4. Becky – Stronger Together
  5. Ashleigh – Ashleigh Writes
  6. Cara – Cara’s Corner
  7. Carina – Lattes Darling
  8. The Woefully Wild
  9. Sammy – Well Zen Life
  10. Cailin – Stumbly
  11. Katie – Katie’s Sanctuary
  12. Chloe – Chloe Elizabeth
  13. California Pollution
  14. Pints, Pounds, and Pate
  15. Charcoal and Grace

    1. Hi Lindsey, It’s very nice to meet you via Thishalcyonlife. I just checked your site and followed you there. I also like your post about mental health but couldn’t find the place to comment on it. Stay blessed and stay connected.

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  1. You deserve many more awards. I am so glad that you decided to start your blog, via your blog I was able to add such a great friend to my list. I love your two pieces of advice for other bloggers. Indeed, networking is very important and supporting others is the only way to go. I would be checking out all those blogs in your list to make some new friends. I love the way your site looks. It’s so clean and clear. I also like that you spread so much awareness about mental health. My brother went through this situation and in the beginning we couldn’t understand what was wrong with him. I am glad we supported him and with some medications, he was back to normal again. Take care and stay blessed.

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