30 Things To Declutter Right Now

I remember reading once that the average home has over 300,000 items. Three. Hundred. Thousand. That’s a lot of things. And out of that 300,000, there’s probably a good amount of things that you no longer need and can get rid of. Even just getting rid of a couple of things can make you feel accomplished, and maybe even make your home feel a little less cluttered.

Here is a list of 30 things you can declutter from your home right now.

  1. Old magazines
  2. Expired coupons
  3. Makeup you no longer use
  4. Clothes that no longer fit
  5. Expired food in your pantry
  6. Bills that have already been paid
  7. Excess mugs
  8. Small appliances you never use (ice cream maker, I’m looking at you)
  9. Junk mail
  10. Old pens
  11. Books you never read
  12. Movies you don’t watch
  13. Greeting cards that aren’t sentimental
  14. Exercise equipment you never use
  15. Old receipts
  16. Excess food storage containers
  17. Jewelry you never wear
  18. Worn shoes
  19. Old electronics
  20. Old school work
  21. Lone cables
  22. Purses you never use
  23. Unused craft supplies
  24. Toys your kids have grown out of
  25. Condiments from take-out orders
  26. Expired medicine
  27. Worn linens
  28. Sports equipment you never use
  29. Empty shoeboxes
  30. Event tickets

  1. I giggled to myself as I read this, because I think I have clutter from every single item you wrote about!! Maybe I can focus on one item per day/week and start to declutter. I really struggle to get started as it seems like such an overwhelming task!

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  2. I DESPERATELY need to go through my closet! I need to try everything on and get rid of everything that doesn’t fit, or have anything to go with it – but I just know it’s going to take forever, so I keep putting it off 😅


  3. I still live at home & one of the things that begins to vastly accumulate over time are old bills & records! My parents have a filing cabinet that’s incredibly organised, but it still gets pretty thick, pretty fast. This summer we actually had a huge clear in that area that took 2 days to sort through! It was so satisfying to see the finished product though 🙂 xx


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  4. I’ve been watching far too many decluttering videos, my favourite to watch is people decluttering their makeup! I wish i had makeup to declutter but my collection is quite small and everything has a use, but love this list because now i’ve been reminded to clear out some shoes i dont wear and jewellery, i have too many necklaces i never wear anymore!


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