Turning a House into a Home

Whether you live in a studio apartment or a ten thousand square foot mansion, all houses are the same to start with. They all have walls, floors, doors, and a roof. Seems sort of boring, right? But, think of those empty rooms and walls as a blank canvas. Moving into a new place, or even changing up where you currently live, is an opportunity to express yourself. While some of your style and personality can show with the outside of your home, the inside is really where you can let your personality shine.

I’ve always found it fascinating that even in the most cookie cutter neighborhoods, each home can look drastically different once you step inside. It could be the flooring, the wall color, of the kitchen layout. These are the obvious differences, but more often than not, the changes are smaller and much more frequent.

These smaller changes can be seen on the walls, on shelves, anywhere and anywhere in the home. They could be knick-knacks that were given to you by a friend. They can be the drawings from your children that are put on the fridge. They can be the photos of your family that are in almost every room. They can be the furniture hand me downs from relatives. They can be DIY projects that you proudly display. They could be the way you organize your bookshelf. Each of these items has a story behind it, and that story differs from person to person.

But sometimes, it’s not only the things, or lack thereof, that are in your home, but the memories and people that share it with you. I remember when my parents sold my childhood home, I was sad not because they were no longer going to live there, but because we weren’t going to make any new memories in that home. The people who moved in didn’t know about the seventeen years worth of memories that I had in that house, but they were able to make that house their home in order to make memories of their own.

Every person has their own opinion about what makes their house feel like a home, but I feel like each item in your home tells a story about you in some way.

What are your favorite things to use in your home to show off your personality?


  1. I only live in a unit at the moment, but I think it’s super important to fill wherever you are living with things that make you happy and make it feel like “home”. One of my go-to things to do that is have lots of photos around – which I do in my bedroom, office and lounge room – and to keep things you’ve made on display!

    I’m really into crafts so I have lots of serving trays, jewellery, jewellery holders, money boxes, and other fun + quirky DIY projects all around our place to help infuse my unique personality into my decor ☺️

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