I Used a Worry Stone for a Week

If you’re reading this and have no idea what a worry stone is, you’re probably in good company. I didn’t know what it was either until a few weeks ago. I saw them mentioned in an article while I was trying to find ways to soothe my anxiety. The idea of them was intriguing, so I began researching.

Worry stones are small, almost flat, polished stones, some of which have an indent on one side that fits your thumb perfectly. You place the stone between your thumb and forefinger, and move your thumb forwards and backwards along the stone. Doing so is supposed to relieve anxiety and induce relaxation.

Fast forward a couple of weeks and one of my friends and I are at one of my favorite antique malls. Not only does this antique mall have a large selection of antiques, but on the bottom floor, there is a huge room filled with minerals and fossils. He and I looked around at fish fossils, large amethyst cathedrals, and petrified wood, all of which we want to buy, when we came across a small basket of worry stones. I picked one up and placed it between my fingers. It wasn’t very heavy, and it was a little cold, but it felt really calming when I moved my thumb across it. This could work.

I left the antique mall that day with a small white box containing my worry stone.

The following week at work, I made sure to bring my worry stone with me. Not only am I a worrier, but I am also quite the fidgeter when I’m sitting at my desk. During the middle of the day when I was worrying about a task that I had to accomplish, I took the small white box out of my purse and took out my worry stone. I felt a little weird holding a rock in my hand at work, but it was small enough where I was able to be discreet. I used it for about fifteen minutes, and when I placed it back in the box, I felt a lot more relaxed, and no longer worried.

Anytime over the next week when I was feeling anxious or that I couldn’t concentrate, I grabbed my stone. The initial coolness of the stone always felt soothing, and the repetitive process of rubbing the stone in an almost circular pattern helped calm me (not to mention that the mauve and gray colors of my stone are very pleasing to look at). I had something else to focus on other than my own thoughts.

It almost seems silly that a small rock can help ease my mind. Although this isn’t the only thing that I do to ease my anxiety and my worries, it is one thing that I will definitely keep doing.

What ways do you use to calm your anxiety?


  1. I have never heard of a worry stone but now I’m intrigued! When dealing with my anxiety I find counting to five and taking a deep breath and letting it out slowly mostly works. I will be looking into this worry stone idea & seeing if I can find a place around here or online that sell them!

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  2. How interesting! I’ve never heard of these before. Perhaps I should look into purchasing one. Could you just choose any smooth rock you find though?

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  3. I have found that meditation has helped me stay more calm and level headed. Although I do get stressed and worried at times, I don’t have anxiety, but I think something like this may be more suited for my husband. Sometimes he gets worried out of the blue and he suffers from panic attacks. I may gift him one of these and see if it helps any!


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