Mixing Design Styles in Your Home

Whenever you’re redesigning a space or buying furniture for a new space, I feel like it is easy to get yourself into the mindset that everything within a room can only be of one style. If you have a traditional couch, it would only make sense to have traditional furniture and decor through the rest of the space, right? But, too much of one style can sometimes make a space feel overdone, and there are many ways to seamlessly incorporate other styles without losing or overshadowing your favorite. Having some contrast adds some flair and interest to your space. Here are some ways to do just that.



Blend old and new

One of my favorite places to go shopping for smaller pieces of furniture and decor are in antique shops. Some of the pieces I find there are so unique, and every one tells a story. Mixing older more traditional items with newer more modern pieces gives a space a nice contrast between clean lines and sculpted shapes.



Don’t be afraid of color

Especially with traditional pieces, I feel like people stray away from color, and stick to more natural tones. Adding a pop of color, regardless of what the style is, can create a fun, almost modern, focal point to the space.



Use a contrasting pattern

Contrasting patterns can be used in many different ways. You could reupholster a modern tufted chair in a bohemian floral pattern. You could use a geometric rug underneath a large wooden dining table. You could use a bright wallpaper in a traditional bathroom. Just like with using both new and old pieces, it gives the space a sense of contrast.



Embrace different textures

This is probably my favorite way to incorporate different styles, and I feel like each style has its own textures and materials. Industrial pieces are typically made of metal and concrete. Modern pieces of leather and glass. Traditional pieces of wood and plush materials. When you put them together, they make the room feel complete.



Incorporate art of a different style

I feel like art often gets overlooked when initially designing a space and is always seen as an afterthought. The good thing about art is that there are so many different styles to choose from. If you want to incorporate a different style from the furniture in the room, choose a traditional piece for modern furniture, an impressionist piece for industrial, or an abstract piece for bohemian. The colors in the art can correspond with colors around the room to tie everything together.

  1. I had to tell myself it’s okay for things not to always match 100%! We are redoing a couple rooms in our house and while shopping around I kept clicking on the same types of stuff! But I found that mixing it up adds character & excitement!

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