The Joy of Doing Nothing

Every Monday morning when I go into work, my coworkers ask me what I did over the weekend. “Nothing” is always my answer, and it was also my answer today. Sure, this weekend I went to the grocery store, did two loads of laundry, called my parents, and paid some bills, but for the majority of the time, I did nothing. And it was glorious.

By “nothing”, I don’t mean I sat on my sofa and stared at the wall for 48 hours with a vacant stare (I only stared at the wall for ten minutes, thank you very much). Rather, I went for a drive with the windows down and my music turned up, I watched a thunderstorm from my living room window, I laid in bed after I had woken up so I could listen to the birds chirping, and I spent the weekend with my phone on silent so that I could focus on the things that made me happy and well-rested. So, yes. I did do more than nothing. But by stepping away from my phone and not letting the daily stresses of life get to me, I felt like I was listening to what I wanted and what made me feel the best. It was almost like taking a vacation without ever leaving my apartment.

Of course, there were things that were on my to-do list that were never touched. But, I didn’t let that bother me. I was taking this time for myself, and anymore I feel like I have less and less of that time, so I was going to bask in it.

I feel like I’m always so caught up in work, that I sometimes miss those little moments of doing nothing. Those little moments when I can just breathe and take in the world around me. By taking the time to slow down and really tune in with my surroundings, I felt a lot more calm and at peace with my own company, rather than trying to fill the voids of the weekend.

And not only did I feel at peace within the moment, but after I did nothing this weekend, I felt a lot happier when I sat down at my desk this morning. My mind was clearer, and I didn’t feel like I needed another weekend just to recover from the weekend that had just ended.

Having a little bit of down time is never a bad thing. It’s not laziness and it isn’t antisocial. Our calendars don’t have to be full all of the time. Give yourself those moments, or days, to breathe and recharge before jumping back into it. And don’t wait for that annual vacation to finally have that moment of doing nothing. While your home might not be as relaxing as a Caribbean beach, there are still little moments throughout your day when you can stop and enjoy being, whether it’s while laying in bed, taking a shower, meditating, or enjoying a cup of coffee on your porch.

Take the time to detach from all of the daily stresses and allow yourself to decompress in your own company. Doing nothing is never a bad thing.

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