What Anxiety is to Me

Anxiety is asking the same question over and over again. Even though you’ve asked this question three times already, you just need to be sure. 

Anxiety is thoughts swirling around your head at 2am when you’re lying in bed, knowing all too well that you’ve already been lying there for hours.

Anxiety is the constant nail biting, or leg bouncing, or hair fixing as you try to calm your mind.

Anxiety is a whisper in your ear of something you had completely forgotten about, but is now all you can focus on, even if it is something that already happened.

Anxiety is a trembling body when you’re about to do something your mind tells you you can’t.

Anxiety is a racing heart when you are sitting completely still.

Anxiety is a finger constantly tapping on your shoulder, making sure that you don’t forget it’s there. No matter how much you try to ignore it and focus on other tasks, it still makes itself known.

Anxiety is pacing around your room at night, back and forth and back and forth, as you overanalyze everything.

Anxiety is an all-encompassing force that can enslave you if you aren’t careful.

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