My 2018 Goals

Happy 2018 everyone!

It seems like each year goes by faster and faster, and I feel like I’m always shocked at what I didn’t get done. So, for this year, I’m going to list out my goals for the year, and hopefully that will keep me more on track.

  1. Get into the habit of doing yoga a couple times a week (I’ve already ordered a mat!)
  2. Not pressure myself into getting two posts out per week/not worry about them being perfectly written when I post them
  3. Get my language fluency of Spanish and German up to 75% on Duolingo (I’m currently at 55% and 47%!)
  4. Start meal planning so that every night at dinner I’m not tempted to make a pizza (even though that’s truly what I want every night)
  5. Stop thinking so far ahead into the future and be more focused on the present
  6. Reach out to my friends more for get-togethers so that six months doesn’t pass without us seeing each other
  7. Start to take my savings seriously and set a budget for myself every month for miscellaneous things



What are your goals for this year? We can hold each other accountable!

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