My Winter Clothing Essentials

I think winter is tied with fall as my favorite season for style. I love layering , as well as all of the different textures of the sweaters, scarves, and dresses. Here are some winter pieces I always have in my wardrobe.


An oversized sweater
Sweaters are my all time favorite winter wardrobe item. Whether they are cable knit or have deer and trees on them, I love them all. I find them to be so cozy and comforting when it’s cold out. (Bonus points if the sleeves are long enough to make sweater paws with).

It’s usually too cold where I live to use leggings as actual pants during the winter, but I love wearing them under jeans when it gets extremely cold out. It gives me an extra layer of warmth.

Knee high boots
Knee high boots are a staple in my wardrobe come the colder months. I wear them almost everyday to work. They’re easy to pair with skinny jeans, you’re able to wear taller and thicker socks with them, and there isn’t an issue if there’s snow on the ground.

Flannel pajama bottoms
Flannel pajama bottoms are great for both sleeping and lounging around the house. They’re super warm and cozy.

An oversized blanket scarf
While I use these mostly as scarves over a solid sweater or shirt, I’ve also used them as blankets. I actually keep one at work just in case it gets cold in the office.

A long parka with a hood
For the last few years, the winter coat I owned didn’t go past the top of my jeans. It wasn’t very helpful for when I needed to sit down or if it was really windy. But I now have a new winter coat that goes to the middle of my thigh and has a large faux fur hood. Needless to say, the cold is no longer a problem.

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