10 Ways To Practice Self Care Right Now

I feel like ‘self care’ has become a buzz word in 2017, but for good reason. As a society, I feel like we’re constantly on the go and always connected with social media, that we forget to take a step back and see what we truly need for ourselves. We need to remember to be in tune with what we need physically, mentally, and emotionally, or else we can feel run down.

Here are ten ways you can practice self care right now:


Take a shower
By taking a shower, the heat of the water can release any tension that you may have and the scent of soaps and shampoo can have an added calming effect.

Drink water
Drinking more water not only keeps your body hydrated, but it can also reduce headaches, clear skin, and keep you more alert throughout the day.

Take your vitamins/medication
Take any vitamins or medications you may have to ensure everything in your body is balanced and functioning to the best of its ability.

Go to bed early
If you’re able to get yourself to bed early, you may be thanking yourself the next morning– you might wake up feeling refreshed and find it easier conquer difficult tasks at work or school due to a clear mind.

Get up and stretch
Not only does stretching feel good, but it’s good for your posture and gets you moving, especially if you’ve been sitting for a while.

Turn off social media
With everything that going on in the world right now, it’s important to tune it all out for a little bit. Even if you just close the tabs on your computer or phone, you can focus more on what you need to do in that very moment instead of absorbing what everyone else is doing.

Take deep breaths
If you suffer from anxiety or just have a worry on your mind, take a few deep breaths to steady your heart rate and calm yourself.

Take a walk
Stepping away from whatever you’re working on and going for a walk can help clear your mind, provide you with some vitamin D, as well as give you a little exercise.

Moisturize your skin
With the harshness of winter on the way, it’s becoming more important to keep your skin hydrated. By moisturizing your skin, it’ll be softer and more supple, and depending on your moisturizer, it may also leave you smelling nice.

Tidy up
By taking just a couple of minutes, you can tidy up your space and in turn, clear your mind. Your surroundings won’t be as cluttered and you won’t have to stare at that pile of unopened junk mail.

  1. Going out for a walk is my favorite and yes waking up early just feels so fresh like we got an award .
    What you prefer mostly ..???


    1. Probably either taking a walk or taking a shower. If my mind is all over the place and I can’t think straight, then I prefer a walk. But if I’m stressed and need to decompress, I prefer a shower.


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