How To Hygge This Winter

If you are unfamiliar with hygge (pronounced hoo-gah), it is a Danish principle that focuses on cozy and comfortable atmospheres and experiences rather than things. And now that winter is approaching and blankets and sweaters are being dragged from the closet, it is the perfect time to incorporate some of these things into your daily life to make winter more enjoyable.

Light the fire

One of the most important principles of hygge is lighting. Not only should the lightbulbs in your lamps cast a warm and inviting glow around the room, but candles and fireplaces should be lit as well. Candles can provide a soothing scent, while a fireplace can provide a calming ambience with the crackling of logs and the movement of the flames.

Pile up the pillows and blankets

Now that the temperatures are dropping, pillows and blankets are a must when you’re relaxing at night. They provide warmth and comfort, while also creating the perfect little nook to snuggle up in to read or watch a movie.

Add wood accents

Adding wooden items to your home can allow you to feel closer to the natural world. Whether it is wooden floors, wooden furniture, or something as simple as a wooden picture frame, there is something to be said about the warmth wood can provide to a space.

Brew warm drinks

What would the winter season be without warm drinks? Along with blankets, warm drinks can instantly make people feel more cozy. Tea, cider, hot chocolate, coffee, and mulled wine are all options that can boost your feeling of hygge.

Invite close friends

Hygge doesn’t need to be something that you experience by yourself. In fact, inviting a small group of friends over can make things feel even more hyggeligt. Break out some board games, pop in a movie, bake some goodies, or sit around the room and chat. Good company can always a place feel more comfortable.

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