What Would Happen During My Ideal Day?

For the past couple of days, I’ve been thinking about what my ideal day would look like. If I knew what kind of a day would make me the happiest, then it should be easier to make every day a little more enjoyable.

As much as I would love my ideal day to be exploring a foreign city or frolicking in a field of puppies, I think we all know that’s not very tangible on a daily basis (as much as I wish it was). So, here’s what my ideal weekend day would be like.

I would wake up around 8:30am, hop out of bed, and head to the kitchen to make a cup of tea and grab a protein bar. Depending on the weather, I would either take my tea to my balcony or back to my bed and read for a little while.

Afterwards, I would get myself ready for the day and meet a friend at a local place for lunch. We’d catch up, laugh at each others jokes, and reminisce about the past. Once we are finished with our lunch, we’d walk around the area and pop into the small shops to see what was new.

We would go our separate ways and I would return home. With the rest of my afternoon, I would begin writing upcoming blog posts as well as take photos for them, with little breaks of watching YouTube videos that I had missed that week. Once dinner time approached, I would put my blog to the side start making dinner, turning on some music in the process.

After dinner, I would call my parents to catch up with them, hearing the latest antics of what was happening at their jobs and what their plans are for the weekend.

Later in the evening, I would log onto Duolingo and work on either my Spanish or German, congratulating myself when it says I’m a tiny bit more fluent. And if it was still early by my standards, I would either read some more or watch some television.

To get myself ready for bed, I would do a routine of relaxing yoga. After about a half hour or so of that, I would take a shower, put on pajamas, and slip into bed around 11pm.

And there we go! Not a terribly exciting day, but a very calming and realistic day for me.

What does your ideal day look like?

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