A (re)introduction

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A few nights ago while I paced around my apartment deep in thought, I realized something.

Not only that it was really late and I should have been in bed an hour ago, but that I was becoming bored with my life. I had become so comfortable with the cycle of a 9-5 job, that I had neglected all of my past hobbies that used to occupy all of my free time. My camera was gathering dust on my dresser, my books were stacked in a corner, and I had ideas of things to write about that were never put to paper. I needed to make a change.

And then I remembered this blog– the blog I had started over a year ago as a new hobby. Yup. One of those hobbies that got pushed to the side.

After being surprised that I remembered my password, I read through my old posts and remembered how much I enjoyed writing them, which brings us to now. I’ve dusted off the cobwebs from the Post page, and I’m ready to continue what I originally set out to accomplish over a year ago.

So, let’s try this again:

Hello, I’m Jackie. Nice to meet you.

Follow me on this journey as I rediscover the things I love and strive to live a fulfilling life.

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